Safety Hose Restraints for High-Pressure Flexibles

TechniSourcing expert in safety cable grips for high-pressure flexibles

Protection for your staff against uncoupling or high-pressure flexible explosion.


From 5 bars, a flexible becomes an obvious threat for the machine operator. From 100 bars, the probability of an accident must be absolutely taken into consideration. Beyond and up to 1000 bars or more, if the flexible is released or breaks, this causes a fatal accident, or a minimum of very serious injuries which lead to permanent disability. The last fatal accident of this kind took place in France on 18 April 2014.
As executive or member of the Health, Safety & Working Conditions Committee, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your teams. It is also a legal obligation (Labor Code Art 233.21 and PED 97/23). Safety cable grips eliminate definitively this risk and at a very low cost.
TechniSourcing expert in high-quality metallic components has a wide range of Galavanized Steel and 304 Stainless Steel Safety Cable Grips.


Chaussette de Sécurité acier zingué et inox 304 double boucleChaussette de Sécurité acier zingué et inox 304 simple boucleChaussettes de Sécurité DB montées sur une presse à scrap 350Bar

     Double-sided Loop Hose Restraint                                   Single-sided Loop Hose Restraint                                       Installation on a pressing machine


We offer you Safety Cable Grips at standard dimensions, but we can also offer you custom-made products. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or an estimation.

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Technical Data Sheet - Hose Restraints 2015 - V3 Technical Data Sheet - Hose Restraints 2015 - V3

TechniSourcing expert in safety cable grips for high-pressure flexibles.

Protecting your staff against uncoupling or explosions of high-pressure flexibles.

We can offer protection, according to the standards, from flexibles with a diameter from 6 to 120 mm and with a measure according to your own required specifications.  The length of the braided scope of the cable can be extended or shortened.

  • Single Loop
  • Double Loop
  • Galvanized Steel
  • 304 Stainless Steel

The fixing of your security cable grips on your equipment is done by using 1 or 2 snap hooks. 

Rupture test at 1200 bars (17400Psi)