Pulling Cables

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  • Single-sided Loop
  • Double-sided Loop
  • With Lace
TechniSourcing eases the lives of cable fitters.
Strengthened by its experience in Safety Cable Grips for high-pressure flexibles, TechniSourcing was able to develop for the past several years a large range of pulling cables.
Based on the same technology of metallic braiding, we help you install or unroll a small cable in a building or an ultra-heavy cable at the bottom of an ocean, aimed specifically to disseminate Internet through optic fiber. 
The TechniSourcing pulling cables can have a very strong traction capacity, thanks to their self-tightening braiding.
  • Wind farms
  • Building
  • Public works

Tire Câble Simple Boucle TechnisourcingTechniSourcing Simple Weave Pulling Cable

Tire Câble Double Boucle TechnisourcingTechniSourcing Double Weave Pulling Cable

Tire Câble à Lacet TechnisourcingTechniSourcing Lace Up Pulling Cable


For more information on the other types of pulling cables: see the PDF in the Download tab


We offer you Pulling Cables at standard dimensions, but we can also offer custom-made products. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or an estimation.

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Technical Data Sheet - Cable Grips 2015 - V1 Technical Data Sheet - Cable Grips 2015 - V1

TechniSourcing eases the lives of cable fitters.

Pulling cable with simple or double side loop

Lace Up Pulling Cable

Our pulling cables cover a range from 6 to 120 mm in diameter and can measure according to your own specifications. The length of the braided scope of the cable can be extended or shortened.

Lace up instructions - Cable Grips  TS - Cable Grips - Lace up instructions

Install your cable grips with lace step by step following this users manual