TechniSourcing expert in fitting high-pressure flexibles in the industry of oil and plastic processing

TechniSourcing secures high-pressure flexibles

Modélisation SolidWorks d'un WhipCheck TechnisourcingWhipcheck TechnisourcingTechniSourcing WhipChecks

The TechniSourcing Whipchecks (or strops) are meant to secure the junction between two high-pressure flexibles.

In this very particular area of oil and plastic processing, it is often necessary to bind two flexibles. This binding presents risks which cannot be controlled. The last fatal accident which occurred up to now happened on April 2014 in a French refinery.

That is why it is crucial to secure them. The feature of these bindings is often the very big diameter of the flange, by comparison with the diameter of the flexible to be secured. Therefore, we have to have extensible spring buckles, for at the same time be able to cross the flange when assembled and hold the flexible in case it gets released. It’s the whipcheck technology. A spring fixed in the middle holds the buckles closed and it opens them when requested.

Whipcheck placé sur une sableuseA WhipCheck Placed on a Sander
Given the fact that its core business is that of subcontracting and considering its technical culture, TechniSourcing is able to offer you very high-quality products at a very competitive price.
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