Whiplash Safety Cables

TechniSourcing expert in Anti-Whiplash Safety Cable

TechniSourcing secures high-pressure flexibles in between machines
Anti-Whiplash safety cables are meant to secure the junction made between two machines with a high-pressure flexible. Drawing.
Accidents are unpredictable.
A high-pressure flexible situated between two machines is likely to remove itself from one of the machines and seriously injure or kill one of the operators who is at work. The accidents are frequent and sometimes fatal.
Taking into consideration the required coupling precision for high-pressure flexibles and the people’s impossibility to control their quality, it is a must to insure protection against an explosion or an uncoupling.
For many years now, TechniSourcing has developed a solid experience in the area of Anti-Whiplash Cables
Cable anti-fouet TechniSourcingAnti-Whiplash Safety Cable set on a high-pressure flexible
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